“Who we are?

We are Barney and Sandra, a couple from England and Germany, discovering  the world and are currently in Norway. Recently we were unsure about what we will do in life. We found out about “Work away” and we found  Christians profile!!


When we met Christian

He is not just an Airbnb and couchsurfing host, he also is a host on a website called workaway. The concept of workaway is to work for accommodation and food. This is exactly what we did for Christian. It  was our second work away experience and it was absolutely amazing. From the first minute we felt very welcomed. His place felt like home. With him, Elisa who is doing an internship in tourism, the lovely cats and all the  other guests it felt like a big family.


What we did/the work

Christian is a super relaxed and flexible person so it was a pleasure to work  for him. We could choose the hours we worked and he often made a list with tasks to do and we did the jobs whenever we felt like doing it. Because  he’s such a nice guy we never felt stressed whilst working. Our jobs were renoavting his basement, one sleeping room and a kind of kitchen to serve beer. We were painting and building things out of old pallets. Besides that there were many sheets to wash, iron and sort. We kept the house tidy, made the rooms for the guests and took care of them. One time we cleaned his boat and afterwards we went with him and his friends on a little boat trip which was super cool. It was more than kind that he helped us with some of the jobs.


And besides work

When we where not working it was super cool to go for a walk or hike and  we really enjoyed the skatepark in Stavanger. Sometimes he even said that we should go outside instead of working due to the good weather (which is not commen in Norway). We were happy to chat with the other people in the house. We got to know his friends and he even invited us to some events where he was working. We actually planed to stay just for two weeks, instead we stayed nearly two months! If you dont stay at Christians you are missing out! He has a calm, creative and cool enviroment, simply the best host we could have imagined.


Thank you so much for this experience Christian and we will see you again!”


Sandra & Barney

our workawayer