Stavanger best viewpoints

There are countless places to take awesome photos on street level in Stavanger city

but we would like to share our favorite places to get stunning view of the city !


1. Top of Lindøy

One of the best ways to get a great view of Stavanger city is to leave it: going across the water on the top of this amazing island will give you an overlooking view of the fjords, City Bridge and all the beautiful around Stavanger. How to get there: Island-Hoppping tour by Gosta.


2. City Bridge

The City Bridge should be one of those can’t-miss activities on your Stavanger itinerary, and it doesn’t disappoint. One direction goes towards Tau, Ryfylke & Hølefjorden, other way is towards Stavanger City Center. You can get to the hip & cool Stavanger East district where you find amazing street art and good food & drinks when u take the bridge. How to get there: Very easy to reach by foot or bike while you are on your way towards the beautiful island called Hundvåg.


3. Ullandhaug tower

The telecommunications tower was built in 1964. The tower rises 64 metres on a hill. From here you have a 360 degree view of Stavanger city, Ryfylke and Nordjaeren. The tower is open on only on Sunday for the public from June till August and it is not possible for the public to access the upper floors of the tower. How to get there: Local bus 4B from Stavanger Sentrum or 10 minutes by car.


4. Vålandstårnet

This tower is situated in the area Våland and is about 3-4 kilometers from the downtown. It is situated on Valandshaugen and also called as “Vålandspipå” by the locals. It is a small tower and in the earlier years used as a house for a fire guard. You can get a 360 degree view over city center and the suburbs. How to get there: 10 mins by foot from Stavanger center or rent a bike.


5. Valbergstårnet

One of the nicest and easiest to get viewpoint from the city center. How to get there: 5 minutes by foot from Fargegaten (colorful street in Stavanger).



Here is a map we made with the viewpoints plus free parking, good shops, street art, cheap food and other GOSTA tips: Stavanger best viewpoints